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The PLATERIAN Nation trilogy


The Platerian Nation Series is a trilogy following two sisters as they uncover the secrets hidden deep within The Platerian Nation. This is the series I will be working on while Warrior’s Truth is preparing for publication. 

The truth is hard to find in a civilization full of lies.

Alithea is confident, calculated, and careful—at least her younger sister Zephyra thinks so. They live their life in comfort in the city of Oakridge where Ali works as a professor at Ouron University, studying Ether. Zeph on the other hand, is less sure of her future as an undecided super senior, with half the confidence her sister has. 

When Ali disappears it is up to Zeph to follow her trail, one that leads her to run away from her home and recognize she’s gotten into something far deeper than she ever imagined.

While she seeks the truth behind kidnapped children, Ali discovers why Ether has really been banned across the country. Together, they follow two ends of the same string, and discover their country has been lying for centuries. 

If they fail, they’ll be brainwashed, killed, or worse. But if they succeed, they’ll find the truth they’ve been searching for. The real question is: which one’s worse? 

Book 1: Ether Rising 

Book 2: Ether Unleased

Book 3: Echoes of Ether

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