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In the Platerian Empire series, Ali has a journal with drawings and notes on each species.
BELOW are some of her pages.


  • Average lifespan: 400-600 years old. 

  • Note: Antefol are walking until they turn 200 and “take root” for the rest of their lives. Once they take root they can feel everything around them through the network of vines and underground resources.

  • Average height (not rooted): 7-12 feet tall 

  • Breeding: Antefol breed by spreading seeds through fruit. There is a small possibility for one of these fruit seeds to become a fellow Antefol. Since they don’t know whose child is whose, they act as a community where everyone takes care of the children. 

  • Religion: Most Antefol worship The Great Spirit of the Forest and believe beings are born from the land and nature. When people die, they go back to the Great Spirit and live on with the forest. 

Original artwork by Michael Houy

luxom revised (1).jpeg

Original artwork by Michael Houy


  • Average lifespan: 150-200 years old. 

  • Average height: 6-9 feet tall. 

  • Special features: Luxom have elongated needle-like fingers which most clip to be socially normalized. They have translucent skin with lights beside their veins from their history of living in caves. The glow of the lights intensifies or mellows depending on their emotions. 

  • Religion: Luxom believe in science and knowledge. Most believe death is but another challenge of life rather than an end. 


Original artwork by Michael Houy


  • Average lifespan: 80-100 years old. 

  • Average height: 5-6 feet tall. 

  • Religion: Believe in the Goddess Veshira 


Original artwork by Michael Houy


  • Average lifespan: 90-120 years old. 

  • Average height: 3-4 feet tall 

  • Special features: Welvers are known as tinkerers that can control the hardness of their hair. Their hair can turn into the hardest material known to Echeron and it can only be cut by their teeth at that hardness. They create golems that move on their own. 

  • Religion: Welvers worship the God of Flame and mourn his death each year. 

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