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Poetry was never a genre I thought I would get into. I read very little poetry when I was younger and always struggled with counting syllables for Haiku in grade school. However, many great writers have said that poetry helps fiction on a prose level. And crafting beautiful prose is where I’ve always struggled in my writing, and so in Spring of 2022, I took my first poetry class. It did in fact help my fiction, but I also found a third love in literature, one that I will return to throughout my life. It is poetry where I’m able to portray true, raw emotion and more times than not, write about the people I love. 

Chameleon published in the Laurel Review Issue 55.2

Savior Complex published in I Become The Beast Spring Issue 2022


Resounding published in I Become The Beast Spring Issue 2022

Forget-Me-Not published in Volney Road Review in Spring of 2021. Featured in "Read + Write: 30 Days of Poetry" by the Cuyahoga County Public Library in April 2024.

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