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Image by Alyzah K



This series will be for adults and will be what I work on after the Platerian Empire series. It uses some fun experimental structure and timeline switches too!

In a country taken over by dragons nearly 300 years ago, seven council dragons, revered as gods, have been impregnating humanoids to create a race of soldiers called Wivrin. 


Rainer is a top-tier blue Wivrin born from the stem cells of Uldrin the Calm, a blue dragon. He loves his friends, combat training, and his home in the inner-circle district of the capital city of Badiana. He’s always top of his class. 


One day he begins having visions of a woman he feels a unique affection toward, and he starts slipping. She is the lesser race, a Harvenger, that he’s only read about in books. She comes to him at night, telling him stories and comforting him. He begins to think of her as his protector and cares about little else. He shares these visions and is reported to security who promptly ups his sleeping drug dosage. This only makes the hallucinations worse and far more vivid. It’s then he learns the woman is his mother and he escapes the inner circle for the first time in his life to find her. Only he doesn’t realize the consequences he’ll have when he returns—if he returns. 

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