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Warriors Truth 1.png

Original artwork by Michael Houy

Living in everyone’s expectations isn’t living at all.

Princess Devara of Ribra knows this too well. From walking in her aunt’s footsteps, to proving her worth as a woman engineer and a capable Princess for her country, she is constantly striving to fit into shoes that aren’t hers to fill.

When she is arranged to be married off to one of the founders of a neighboring country, she quickly finds herself in a foreign land that challenges everything she’s ever known and strived for. The dresses she wore, the customs she practiced, and even her role in politics as a woman—all of it must be abandoned if she’s to fit in and find her footing in this new culture.

On her journey across this nation, she finds out the world is bigger than she’d ever known. Surrounded by Ether, famine, and war with creatures she has never seen, she soon learns that it’s up to her to step up and help change this nation into the founders’ dream, where people of all species can coexist peacefully and safely within each city’s walls. But to do so, she will have to make a choice. She can follow in the role she was assigned by her father and stay true to Ribra’s beliefs, or she can carve her own path alongside the Nation’s founders. Whatever her decision, she knows she must choose wisely, for it won’t only impact her future, but the future of millions.

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